Pond Construction

Koi Pond Design - Intro

Before you start digging your new koi pond you will  need to consider a few basic variables.  First, Do you want a proper koi pond or do you want a water garden?  They are not the same thing.  A water garden is usually shallow with lots of plants and very few fish, usually just a few goldfish.  A koi pond will be much deeper, bigger and you will need to provide much better filtration and water quality.  The purpose of this section we will discuss the design of a proper koi pond.  Can you keep koi in a water garden design?  Yes.  Will the koi flourish and develop as well as they would in a well designed koi pond?  maybe, but it will require a lot more work in the form of weekly cleaning and maintence.  The real beauty of a well designed koi pond is the low amount a work it will require to keep very high quality water.


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